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Affordable Business Services

I will make a custom backing track for you




Hi there!

Are you looking for a backing track that sounds as much as possible like the original song?

Do you want to personalize it by changing the musical instruments, choose your key or create a new arrangement?

I can work for you!

I always try to transform in my work the impression that there are real musicians playing by your side using professional virtual instruments.

*I can also add some real instruments, like guitars or saxes if you want.

Give me the instructions to work better on your backing track 😉

  • Choose the key that suits your voice or instrument.
  • I can create the backing track the same as the original version, change the structure of the song or create a new arrangement.
  • I can create a version to be played by your band, with the metronome track and eliminating the instruments that will be played live!


Listen to my audio and if you like my style contact me, I will be happy to help you!


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