Affordable Business Services

Affordable Business Services

I will professionally edit and master your podcast for 10 dollars




Need a trained Audio Engineer to help get your podcast to the next level?

In 24 hours (or under) and for $10?

Base Packages Include:

  • Simple Editing (Top / Tailing, Assembly etc.)
  • Noise and Echo Reduction
  • Full Mix and Enhancement (inc. Dynamic Processing, EQ etc.)
  • Add Intro, Outro and Ads (inc. Music)
  • Detailed Mastering Service to broadcasting standards

Comes in a 60 Minute package (please contact me for custom orders)

Advanced Editing Addition: This includes the removal of ums, ahs, stutters, long pauses etc. to better the flow of your podcast – giving it that professional polish

Record Into/Outro: Have a professional voice-over artist record your into / outro / ad for your podcast using industry-standard equipment and techniques. This will also be mastered with the podcast to create a consistent sonic profile

My Experience:

  • University Trained Audio Engineer
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Fast & Friendly Customer Service

Gig Specifics:

  • 2 Revisions
  • Any Format
  • Please see Gig Extras for more options

Please refer to the FAQ below before ordering. Message me with any questions and discuss your specific needs, or create a custom package!

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