Affordable Business Services

Affordable Business Services

I will research articles, blog, powerpoint, creative, content writing



I will provide my best services in writing a research article, content writing, creative writing, project documentation, project proposals, proofread or edit text, and documentation.


5+ years experience of creating content, technical writing as well as pitch deck slides for the organisations. Worked with Battery Allianceewctech.coUK NHSPrudential Solution Pvt LtdApexxo llc and many more.

What You can have?

  1. You can have an editable PPT file along with the PDF version
  2. Will do research for the content as per requirement
  3. Modern design as well as pitch deck slides following latest trends in market
  4. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed
  5. Active interaction with the clients
  6. Will plan, discuss, design and research regarding the content material
  7. Will include infographics, Illustrations, data visualisations, Smart Chart etc within PPT file.

Note: Prices may change depending on the content provided.

****************Do contact me before placing an order*****************


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